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・All cards are printed with inks on premium paper and individually wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.
・Each design is a scanned and resized version of my original art work.
PC001_I am Radish.   PC002_Pet Daughter   PC003_Search   PC004_Bouquet Iceman   PC005_Fish in Space
PC006_Ice Cream Girls   PC007_Driven into a Corner   PC008_Rose Bath   PC009_Chandelier Boys   PC010_Band of Fruits
PC011_After the Rain   PC012_Bouquet of Business Men   PC013_Bouquet of High School Girls   PC014_One Rose   PC015_Queen Bee
PC016_The Honey Cafe   PC017_The Honey Bar   PC018_The Narcissus and Me   PC019_In Shelter   PC020_In Shelter
PC021_Swing Ride   PC022_Swing Ride   PC023_Pop'n Roll Hero   PC024_Drawing Model   PC025_Rainbow Slide
PC026_Strawberry Fighter   PC027_I love   PC028_I love   PC029_Candy Rain   PC030_Sweets Typhoon
PC031_Doughnut Trap   PC032_Masked Girl   PC033_Doughnut Dinner   PC034_Drunken Boxing   PC035_Tea Time
PC036_Boycott   PC037_Boycott   PC038_Delusional Merry-Go-Round   PC039_Tea Time   PC040_Tsuru Hime
PC041_In the Doughnut   PC042_Stew Pot   PC043_Doughnut Tour
PC044_Mushroom Land   PC045_Gateau Chocolate with Ice cream   PC046_Escape to the Sunny-Side Up Egg
PC047_Cake going on a Journey   PC048_Summer Festival   PC049_Little Fighters
PC050_Super Match Box   PC051_Fruits Tart   PC052_Fruits Battle