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                        ◆Wholesale Price:$10.00
・All prints are printed with inks on high quality paper. It has backing board and individually wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.
・Each design is a scanned and resized version of sand art.
01_In Shelter 02_In Shelter 03_Strawberry Fighter    04_Survival Cat   05_Mushroom Girl
  06_Doughnut Trap   07_Drunken Boxing   08_Stop-at-Home    09_Dream Star Girl    10_Dream Star Boy

◆Wholesale Price:$15.00

   01_Doughnut Dinner   02_Doughnut Beach     03_Heart Box       04_Crowded Tart
     05_Consideration  06_A Journey to Freedom      07_Ftuit Sentai 08_Twins Birthday 

◆Wholesale Price:$20.00

01_I am Radish. 02_Pet Daughter 03_Search     04_Bouquet Iceman 05_Fish in Space
06_Ice Cream Girls 07_Driven into a Corner 08_Apple Rabbit     09_Chandelier Boys  010_Sugar Bath
11_After the Rain 12_Bouquet of Business Men   13_Bouquet of High School Girls  14_One Rose 15_Toothpick Rain
16_Measuring Sitting
 17_Measuring Height   18_The Honey Cafe 19_The Honey Bar 20_The Narcissus and Me
21_Shelter from the rain   22_I love 23_I love 24_Rainbow Slide   25_Sweets Typhoon
26_Pop'n Roll Hero 27_Drawing Model 28_Candle Boy  29_A birdcage in the midnight 30_POP
31_Rose Bath 32_Cheerful Daruma 33_Masked Girls 34_Dream glasses 35_Tsuru Hime
36_Band of Cat 37_You're lovery 38_You can do it 39_I love you 40_Pop Idol
041_Cake Going on a Journey 042_Gateau Chocolate with Ice cream  043_Super Match Box
044_Little Fighters   045_Fruit Tart   046_Escape to the Sunny-Side Up Egg
047_Stay Strong Be Positive   048_Stew Pot  

◆Size: 13x19(330x483cm)
◆Wholesale Price:$30.00

01_In the Doughnut  02_Fruits Battle 03_Mushroom Land
04_Queens Bee  05_Band of Fruits 06_Swing Ride  07_Delusional Merry-Go-Round 08_Tea Time
09_Swing Ride