◆2017 Artwork for Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of Dark Hall Mansion's officially licensed "IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN" 
◆2017 Design for Tool Case, Embroidery pattern, Hoop Flair for Sublime Stitching(USA)    
・Tool Case 
・Embroidery pattern
・Hoop Flair
◆2017 Design for OTUTUMI(Japan)    
◆2016 T-shirt Design for Popkiller 13th Anniversary, Popkiller(USA)

◆2016 Tote bag Design for Leanna Lin's Wonderland 6th Anniversary, Leanna Lin's Wonderland (USA)
◆2016 Naoshi's artwork was part of commercials for NRJ radio, number one radio in France, NRJ (France) 

◆2016 Design of Postcard, Note, Patch and Enamel Pin for Lucky Dip Club(UK)    

◆2016  Naoshi's Artwork for Popkiller(USA)    
★Ice Cream Girls 


★Pop'n Roll Hero 

★Mushroom Girl

★Punk Rockers

★Drunken Boxing
◆2016  Design for OTUTUMI(Japan)   

 ◆2016  Design for Washi Tape of Shimojima Wrapping Club(Japan)   

 ◆2015  Naoshi's Artwork for Popkiller(USA) 
★Paper Plane Jet Tee

◆2015  Naoshi's Artwork for Greeting Card, Red Cap Cards(USA) 

This is short movie of "How To Make SUNAE(Sand Art)" by Red Cap Cards!!! 








◆2013  Naoshi's charactor for pyjamas, Peteralexander(Australia)
My artwork on pyjamas are on sale now at Peteralexander in Australia!
◆2013  Naoshi's charactor for the Minato Mirai shopping district in Yokohama and Shibuya station(Japan)
My Christmas design for Minato-mirai at the Yokohama station and the Shibuya station.

 ・Yokohama Station Minami road December 9, 2013~December 22, 2013
 ・Yokohama Station Tokyu Toyoko Line December 11, 2013~December 24, 2013

 ・Shibuya Station December 16, 2013~December 22, 2013

  AD:Takeshi Kitada CW:Toshiyuki Sugimura
◆2013   Charactor Design for 25TOGO (Taiwan)
I drew SUNAE Charctor artwork for Design shop 25TOGO!

Charactor Design for 25 TOGO shop

Charactor Design
◆2012  Book for Nobel Prize, PNJC project
PNJC : Project Nobel NightCap Japan Committee

◆2012 The Martin Ouellet book of the cove! (Canada)
"Chandelier boys" of my artwork were appeared the Martin Ouellet book of the cover!!!
Please check this website.MARCHAND DE FEUILLES Pub

◆2011  Design of APP, Slowtime design (Japan)
Naoshi app(by Slowtime desgin) was released for iPhone/iPad at iTunes store!
iPhone/iPad(¥350)  ★Android(¥350)  ★docomo(¥198) 

◆2011  Design of New Year's card(Japan)
I designed New Year's card for Print boy.

◆2010  Artwork of "ALFA ROMEO Art project", ALFA ROMEO (Germany) 
I participated to Project of "ALFA ROMEO ART".
This is page of my artwork.
◆2009  Artwork of "Music player&HD 『Zune』" , Microsoft  
Artwork of "Music player&HD 『Zune』" , Microsoft 

Left:Music Player  Light:HD

◆2009   Artwork for Red Cap Cards 
I designed SUNAE artworks for greeting cards of Red Cap Cards.












◆2009  Relay project of picture book 『A Worldwider Tale』 
I participated relay picture book of Worldwider Art Project.

◆2008  Fake road signs project『PANOS2013』 (The Streets of Lyon, France) 
I participated the project of fake road signs projects『PANOS2013』 at Lyon street in France.

◆2008 Sign of 『Manga Brush-up Academy』 (Japan)
I drew a signboard of Iruqa Manga Brush-up Academy.

◆2008 THE LIEBLINGSEMPIRE Calendar's Artwork (Germany)
◆2007 Design of 『+DECORA! T-shirts』 (Japan)